Monday, September 18, 2017

Still a little more to do

Cleaning up the master relay (contractor) did not fix the problem. So I wired in a bunch of monitorpoints and ran some more test drives.  The voltage across the relay is very low, and all the drop seems to be coming from the batteries. Nothing looks abnormal, yet the codes persist.
I must have not cleaned the master relay good enough. I was originally afraid to take it completely apart, because it seemed like it would not go back together. But with nothing to loose, I took it down to the bare bones.  It looked like one side of the contactor was still having problems. I cleaned everything up again and, to my surprise, it all went back together with no left over parts! It looked like this was the problem, but a test drive showed the same error codes.
I went through the electrical system again but still nothing was obviously wrong. Everything pointed to the relay, but the relay did turn on and off and looked good. Plus there was almost no drop across the relay even at 500 amps. I thought about buying a new relay, so I gave myself a few days to think about it before spending money on something that might not fix the problem.

I decided on a new sealed relay from a different manufacture. A week later I installed it and ...... no more codes ..... so far!

 I took the Ghost out for a long drive but the battery voltage was falling fast.It fell so fast I had to have Mary come by with the truck and tow me over to a friends house for a quick charge. But the good news is that I think I know why the battery voltage was dropping so fast. It looks like the charger was not set right. So I have reset the charger and reprogrammed the BMS and will test it again this weekend. If this fixes it, the body goes on!

One by one these problems are being fixed!

Monday, August 7, 2017

On the Road Again!

Greetings, Avian Motors Enthusiasts (and random people I subject to my emails),

I took a long drive in the Ghost this weekend. Still working out the bugs before I put the body on. I got two error codes from the motor controller during the trip and had to turn the vehicle off and on to start it back up. What is this, Microsoft? At one point I thought I smelled some electrical. Plus the battery voltage seemed to drop more than expected at high currents under acceleration.

I got it back home and worked through the debug process. The codes had to do with over voltage and the main relay welding. At first it seemed I thought the batteries might be getting old and the series resistance/impedance might be the problem. Then it looked like the main disconnect. But the master relay was hot, very hot. This wasn't right. I took it apart and there was a small nut in the contacts. This failure matches all the symptoms!

I cleaned up the master relay and put everything back together. That was yesterday, Sunday. So I will have to wait until next weekend  will conduct more tests. I am optimistic that I am getting down to the smaller problems now. Hopefully I will have things up to par within a few weeks and can put the body on.

I think what happened is that I dropped the nut while bolting in the main contactor. This is in a box in a very tight place with little room to move your fingers. I suspect I thought the nut dropped on the floor and I just grabbed another nut as a replacement. After rattling around inside the main relay box, it eventually got lodged in the relay. This is a big relay that can handle 500amps.I also changed the way the box mounts to make it easier to get at.

Photos soon!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I forgot about this blog! If anyone reads this, please let me know.

Quick update:
1) Rev 3 almost complete
2) will be  a retro style with reference to the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that I always liked.
3) Aluminum airplane style nose, wood/fiberglass body pannels and aluminum tail.

I know this is taking me a long time to finish. Next blog: Mistakes were made!