Friday, August 8, 2008

Background on Avian Motors and the X-Cycle

I am an electrical engineer by trade. I have spent the last 20 years learning more and more about less and less. As they say, soon I will know everything about nothing. That is the state of modern technology: specialization. But I'd rather now nothing about everything.

Design oriented people tend to view everything with an evaluative eye. Could it be designed better? Cheaper? What was done right? Wrong?

I have a lot of respect for automotive designs. Even the bad ones. Cars are about the most complex things built today in mass production. They have every field of design and manufacture incorporated into them. Computers, fabric, ceramics, glass, metals, rubber, synthetics. You name it and it is in a car.

In hind sight I was kind of nuts to attempt to build a car on my own. Especially a revolutionary vehicle. It is also kind of odd to see how far it has come. I am not done yet and I am not sure if this will ever amount to anything more than a hobby.

The X-Cycle is a three wheeled vehicle; two in the front that steer and one in the back that drives. This in itself is not new, nor is the idea of electrifying such a vehicle. In fact, there is really nothing at new or unique about this vehicle, or anything else in the world for that matter. What is new, or will be new, is that the R2 version of the X-Cycle is done right. It is low cost, high performance and goes along way between charges. Sometimes that is what good design is. Just doing things right.

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